Practice Makes Perfect
by Sharon Kidder
--San Leandro Times, Thursday June 11, 1998

You’re planning the perfect wedding and there is no shortage of information or advice at your fingertips. Magazines, web sites, videos and books galore all have ideas on how it’s done.

But whether you’re inviting 30 or 300, a wedding can be a nerve-wracking and expensive experience.
You may be tempted to scratch the wedding rehearsal as an unnecessary frill. But is it?

It’s no coincidence that the wedding rehearsal and festivities surrounding it are the responsibility of the groom and his family. At the very moment the bride and her family are over-whelmed with last-minute details, the groom’s family steps in to provide a much needed time-out.

The rehearsal is often held on the evening prior to the wedding day, with a banquet afterwards to which the entire bridal party and out-of-town guests are invited.

The rehearsal is an important event in its own right. What occurs at the rehearsal sets the tone for what happens at the wedding and thereafter.

Whether it’s an intimate evening at home or a meal in a restaurant, the rehearsal can become a team building experience for those who will play key roles in the couple’s wedding and future life together.

The key players need to know exactly what is expected of them- and the others involved. A combined script and timeline for the day is essential for the wedding “team”.

And it’s not just the ceremony that needs to be rehearsed. Toast need to be fine-tuned too and what better timethan at the rehearsal dinner. That is a more appropriate occasion for extemporaneous “this is your life” speeches.

The wedding reception, on the other hand, is a time for the guests, who have been patient and polite during the ceremony, to socialize and chat about the lovely couple.

The bride and groom’s gifts to their wedding party are traditionally given at the beginning of the rehearsal dinner.

But even more important to the wedding day is the gift of a well-prepared team which will ensure that things run smoothly for the happy couple.


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